Bachelor of Science-Public Health
About BSPH :

A four year undergraduate degree program in Public Health first to be offered in Pakistan.

Career Opportunities:

Graduates of this program will be in great demand in Public Sector, NGOs, Health Organizations, research institutes and can pursue further studies in Public Health Like MPH.

SCOPE of BS Public Health:

Eligible for MPH Admission
Program Coordinator
Health Promotion Facilitator
Public Health Coordinator
Surveillance Officer
Research Associate
Research Assistant
Disaster Management Team Member
Disease Intervention Specialist
District Epidemiologist
Disease Eradication Officer
Nutrition Specialist
Lady Health Visitor Supervisor
Lady Health Worker Supervisor

Faculty of Community Health Sciences:

The Faculty of community Health sciences was established by January 2011. It comprises of :
1.    Department of community Medicine which is working since 1974 and is imparting knowledge to undergraduate in the third professional MBBS, along this department also involves the student in research activities and visit different public places of Public Health importance like industries, Water treatment plant, Health Center etc.
2.    Since 2012 the department has started MPH program which is of two years duration.
3.    Water Testing Laboratory

Goal of the BSPH Programme

The BSPH Programme aims to improve health status of the population, which is to be achieved by providing professionals with a high quality of undergraduate training programme in public health sciences.

Objectives of the program

1.    Produce competent, committed and skilled public health professionals.
2.    Provide foundation for choosing a relevant track in Public Health in future
3.    Prepare skilled workforce in public health auxillary and support services.
4.    Prepare leadership in public health.
5.    Develop, administer and evaluate health policies and programmes.
6.    Participate directly in effort to improve the health of community using community based- and health systems' assessment of preventive services.
7.    Conduct basic and applied research relevant to the description, rick factor and interventions for the resolution of health problems in the human populations.

The Grades of the BSPH programme are prepared to:

1.    Solve health-related problems within financial, socio-cultural, environmental, ethical and political framework of Pakistan and its surrounding region.
2.    Design, conduct, analyze and interpret the results of relevant studies, project and programmes.
3.    Plan, manage, and evaluate interventions in the field of public health.
4.    Communicate public health messages to diverse audience effectively using diverse tools of communication.
5.    Advocate simple public health interventions and practices with equity.

Core Competencies:

At the end of the program, the graduate is expected to:

1.   Detect, prevent and manage common public health  problems in Pakistan
2.   Aquire basic computer skills
3.   Supervise, monitor and manage public health issues
4.   Be effective communicator
5.   Practice and promote professional ethics
6.   Conduct basic research and prepare reports
7.   Analyze health system problems
8.   Critical thinking and creativity
9.   Cultural context in which public health professionals work
10. Community dynamics
11.  Networking
12.  Health Advocacy
13.  Teamwork and leadership
14.  Professionalism

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