These are intended to help the poor, deserving, talented, regular and meritorious students. This facility shall be stopped at any time by the Head of Institution if he feels that the student / awardee is not making progress in his studies and indulging himself in unhealthy activities prejudicial to his education advancement, oarg ainst whom an F.IR. has been lodged in any criminal case.


(i) Ten merit scholarships each year and in each college / institution on the basis of
results of the professional MBBS. University Examination.
(ii) The value of the scholarships will be as follows:
(a) Student standing first, second & third Rs.1500 per month
(b) Student standing fourth to tenth. Rs. 1000 per month
(iii) These merit scholarships shall be given irrespective of any other scholarship being received by the student.
(iv) In case of a tie (viz. having equal marks) the preference for the award of Merit
Scholarship will be given to a student who got better position in previous year's annual examination.


(i) Remission of the whole or half of the Institution fees may be allowed by the
Head. of the institution to students belonging to Sindh province not exceeding 10 percent of number of Sindh province students on the college rolls.
(ii) Remission of fees means exemption from paying tuition fees only, full or half as the case may be. The student who are granted full or half remission of tuition fees shall be required to make full payments for all other subscriptions/funds.
(iii) Application for remission shall be submitted by the students by the date to be fixed by the Head of Institution. The application should be accompanied by certificate from the D.C.Os or Nazims to which the student
belongs, stating the financial circumstances of the applicant's parent or guardian.
(iv) The grant of such remission will rest with the Head of the institution and will depend upon the circumstances of a student with regard to his/her studies. Absence from or failure in a professional or home examination, breach of discipline, neglect
of studies or reprehensible conduct shall entail the loss of the concession.
(v) Remission will be granted on yearly basis on fresh applications invited every year.
(vi) Student receiving stipends will not be eligible for Free-ship concession.
(vii) Following students are eligible.
a) High academic percentage basis.
b) Brother and sister basis or two brothers or two sister in the same Medical College basis.
c) Low income family background on actual information basis.

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