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Peoples University of Medical & Health Science for Women Nawabshah, Shaheed Benazirabad
Sindh-67480, Pakistan

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Instruction Question Writers
1.    Single Best Questions (SBQs) should be based on one best answer.
2.    Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and Senior Lecturers of the respective subjects / departments shall essentially write SBQs. Professors, however will be requested to construct SBQs if their department lacks ancillary staff.
3.    The author shall ensure that SBQs fulfill the following criteria.
4.    The question is focused on important concept or problem and is not tricky or overtly complex.
5.    The stem is complete, simple, clear in wording and easy to understand by the examinee.
6.    All options are falling in same category (e.g. all diagnoses, investigations, treatments etc)
7.    All options should be relative and not lengthy.
8.    All options are ordered in logical order (numeric or alphabetical).
9.    Technical flaws that provide special benefit or pose irrelevant difficulty to the examinee are avoided.
10. After the acceptance of SBQs by the Question Bank Review Board, the question writer and the question reviewer shall be paid honoraria.
11.   All SBQs henceforth will be constructed within the Q-bank/ or at home. 
12.    Once the questions have been written, they will be submitted to the computer operators thorough USB or email. The author may be asked to come back to Q - Bank in to check the typed version for any mistakes.
13.    All questions will be check through Turnitin for any plagiarism.
14.    One hard copy of all BCQs should be submitted in the office incharge of PTS. An electronic copy of all BCQs must also be submitted on USB or Email to PTS PUMHSW Nawabshah.
15.    The undersigned author(s) transfer all copyright ownership of BCQs to the PTS PUMHSW Nawabshah, Pakistan.
16.    The undersigned warrant(s) that the BCQs is original, does not infringe upon any copyright or other proprietary right of any third party and has not been published previously"in PTS PUMHSW Nawabshah. 
17.    Soon after submission, questions will be checked for similarity using TURNITIN software provided by HEC as plagiarism checker.

Pre read material for SEQs  


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