The following in addition to rules of conduct which may be Prescribed from time to time shall constitute acts of indiscipline and violation of hostel discipline for which action may be taken against the Hostel resident concerned by the officers as rescribed in clause I:
1. Keeping firearms and other lethal weapons or any other material not necessary for academic pursuits In the hostel even if licensed.
2. Keeping unauthorized persons in the room/seat allotted to a resident.

3. Shifting to a seat/room other than the one allotted to the resident without prior permission of the Allotment Committee.

4. Sub-letting the seat/room allotted to the resident or any other room lying vacant due to any reasons.

5. No handing over vacant possession of the room/seat at the end of the period for which allotment was made.

6. Non-payment of hostel dues during the period of the year for which allotment was given in the hostel.

7. Keeping or making use of illicit drugs or other ntoxicants, not including drugs prescribed by authorized medical attendants on account of any llness suffered by the hostel resident.

8. Keeping electric appliances such as refrigerator, air conditioner, television, oven, burner, heater, etc., in the room.

9. Parking cars or other vehicles in places other than the designated parking lots.

10. Engaging in any immoral or agitation and violent activities or creating nuisance or disturbing the peace and tranquility in the college campus.

11. Inviting or entertaining female visitors in the male hostel or male visitor in the female hostel.

12. Causing willful damage and/or causing damage by acts of vandalism, removing or damaging hostel or institution property.

13. Barricading stairs, corridors, gates and other areas in the hostel/campus of general use.

14. Staging sit-ins, lockups, occupying hostel warden's or other administrative offices.
15. Use of abusive languages towards other residents and/or institution authorities and employees.

16. Use of hostel rooms or premises for group parties, political assemblies and for purposes other than those for which they are meant. 63

17. Inviting outsiders to address hostel residents without the permission of authorities.

18. Pasting of posters/chalking on hostel or other campus buildings, premises or compound walls or any portion thereof.

19. Inciting parochial, linguistic, sectarian or religious feeling among hostel residents.

20. Late comers or those leaving the hostel early will be required to sign the register at the hostel gate or reception stating the reasons for late coming or early departure.

21. The hostel authorities shall reserve the right to search the personal belongings and baggage of the residents at the time of entering the hostel or while residing in the allotted accommodation.

22. Cooking in the hostel rooms in strictly prohibited.

23. The college administration is not responsible. for the loss of any property of the hostel resident.

24. All damages will be repaired at the expense of the boarder responsible.

25. No newspapers, periodicals or magazines other than those authorized by warden shall be brought into the hostel by any boarder.

26. Student shall take due care of the bathrooms and taps and shall not allow them to run waste. Anyone found doing this intentionally will be liable to punishment.

27. Defacing walls and fixtures is strictly prohibited, moreover the furniture or fixtures will not be moved from one room to another and the residents are particularly warned against removing furniture from the Mess and Common Room.

28. Students must keep their rooms clean and tidy. The beds should properly be arranged and a bed cover used. Dirty clothes should be stored separately.

29. Spitting in public or private rooms, verandah or on stairs is prohibited.

30. All waste papers and garbage must be placed in Dust Bins provided for the purpose.

31. Every part of the hostel premises shall be freely open for inspection by the Superintendent or warden at any time.

33. No religious ceremony likely to injure the feelings of other boarders shall be arranged in the hostel.

34. No boarder shall indulge in any amusement that disturbs other boarders.

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